Why haven’t I grown in 8 years?

Patient: Worried about my rate of growth.I’m 17, closer to 18.I got my first bra when I was 10, started my period when I was 13.Just tried on the first bra as a refference as how much I’ve grown, it still fits perfectly, so my breasts and chest haven’t changed in 7/8 years.I also have marks on my wall as a sort of growth chart and my height matches the one plotted age 13.I have never had a growth spurt either.I don’t see how a person can be fully developed by age 10 or 13 with no growth spurts, I’m also rather short and have little breast mass, why am I not growing if people are supposed to be done by age 18?I realise people can change up to 21 but can there be significant changes without gaining weight?

Symptoms: N/A