Why high PPBS?

Patient: My PPBS is 241. I am regular walker with 1 hour of brisk walking or 6 kms. Why at all the PPBS is so high.

Symptoms: Nothing.

Doctor: Hiwith this blood sugar, you need to take medicines. Yes, REGULAR WALKING , EXERCISE AND DIET CONTROL CAN CONTROL SUGA R IN SOME EXTENT, BUT NOT FULLY. At some stage of diabetes, when life style modification cannot control sugar than we need to start medicineI advise you to see a diabetologist as soon as possibleHope this will helpregards

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Doctor: Hi
many time, even if your life style is good and diet and exercise is appropriate, still sugar can be high. In this condition, you should see a diabetologist to start some medication for you
You must understand that genetic factor play very important role in diabetes. For a natural disease progression, you cannot change genetic factors but with changing the life style, you can slow the progression of diabetes

Patient: Thanks Dr. Alok. I am on medication and I am prescribed VOLIX M 0.2 and 1-0-1 basis after breakfast and dinner. But still high PPBS.