Why i am getting lean

Patient: Hi, Fom last 2 months i lost around 5 kgs & getting lean. i dont have any health problems or issues.but why it is happening ??Before i am 70 kgs weight.now i am 65.sudden reduction.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Since you have mentioned a history of diabetes, it could be the cause of your weight loss most probably. Uncontrolled blood pressure, changes in dose of insulin and oral hypoglycemic tablets, stress, lack of sleep, increased physical exertion, thyroid disorders and renal changes could be likely possibilities. Suggest you to consult a physician.First get your sugars checked both fasting and post prandial.Also, check you glycosylated hemoglobin to see the sugar control over past 3 months. Apart from that thyroid hormone tests, blood, urine, kidney and liver function tests may be needed. Based on the above the doctor may wish to treat you accordingly.Avoid stress and have a healthy diet .Hope this helped.Regards