Why is a kidney test important in diabetes?

Patient: Why a Kidney Test is done for a diabetes patient? If a Kidney Test is prescribed by the doctor to a diabetes patient, Does it mean that the patient’s health is progressing or need to be taken care more. Other info. Recent Reading: Before fasting – 147 After food – 156 Patient’s age – 57 Years(F) This reading has reduced to a good extent. Patient was prescribed to take insulin everyday twice and she stopped it for 2 weeks in between. Prior to this, readings were much higher. Doctor has suggested to stop insulin also. Thanks, Geeta

Doctor: The kidney is one of the organs that could get damaged early in the course of diabetes. It has been proven through studi es that within 5 years from the onset of diabetes, there are early microscopic changes in the kidney that will ultimately lead to kidney failure if the blood sugar levels are not tightly controlled. The reason why kidney tests are done is to detect and monitor the effects of diabetes on the kidneys. This is one way to prevent or deter further damage to the kidneys. It is a challenging effort to control blood sugar levels for those with diabetes but medications, together with lifestyle and dietary changes will help achieve this goal. I hope I have appeased your concerns and take care always.