Why is one eye watery and one nostril runny?

Patient: Why is my left eye and left nostril watery and runny? I feel like I need to sneeze but nothing happens except my eye waters. I also had a dry throat last week which is gone now. Is it a cold or allergies? Allergy medicine does not help relieve symptoms.

Symptoms: One watery eye, runny nostril, sneezing

Doctor: Thank you for contacting ask the doctor .There is usually very thin line between allergy and cold infection. Sometime s the symptoms overlap and it becomes difficult to diagnose, your symptoms and a known allergen makes allergy as the most likely diagnosis but unresponsiveness to allergy medications may confirm the diagnosis of Cold infection. I recommend a visit to the physician to get a most correct diagnosis. Presence of a fever is unlikely in allergies. treatment of the cold would depend on the cause of infection. Coryza (viral cold and cough) needs symptomatic management and home therapies like steam inhalation and luke warm water gargling. cold is unlikely to last beyond 14 days.I hope this information was useful,