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Why is one of my testicles “drawn” up? min

Patient: Why is one of my testicles “drawn” up? minimal discomfort no swelling



Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query, albeit short and specific.Noted the history of one of the testicles drawn up with minimal discomfort but no swelling.Please give additional information for me to assist you better:Your age please?Since when is this happening- since long back with recurrence or recently?About your physique? – Muscular- do you exercise or involved into strong physical activity?Any history of direct or indirect trauma to the lower abdominal muscles?Any other information you would like to share is most welcome.Please give all these details.Awaiting your detailed feedback.



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Patient: age = 53. this started about 1 month ago. The “discomfort” is most prevalent at night during inactivity. Throughout the day when active, the discomfort is almost nonexistent

Doctor: Thanks for your partial feedback.
Please go ahead with high resolution ultrasound with color doppler of the scrotal area and ultrasound of the whole abdomen, particularly for genito-urinary system to get a probable diagnosis and a clinical evaluation and examination by an Urologist or a General Surgeon.
Testicle drawn up can be a swelling other than testicle and needs the clinical palpation and more importantly ultrasound to get the accurate diagnosis.
I hope this answer helps you to get an accurate diagnosis.


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