Why the baby in the womb is inverted.What is the remedy

Patient: For a 6 months old pregnancy, scan reveals that the bgrowing baby is inverted(i.e the lims is towards the vaginal). What can be done to reverse this abnormal position.

Doctor: Sometimes the baby is in a bottom-first (or feet-first) position. When a baby is in that position before birth, its call ed a breech birth or breech baby. Many babies are breech early in pregnancy, but most of them turn to the headfirst position near the end of the pregnancy. Babies that are born early are more likely to be breech. If more than one baby is in the uterus at a time, one or more of the babies may be breech. Abnormal levels of amniotic fluid around the baby may result in a breech birth.Usually it is better to wait until week 37 before doing anything, most of the babies turn by that date. You should comply with your pre natal controls to carefully monitor your baby. If the baby is still in that position at week 37, your Physician might try some maneuvers to turn him around. If your doctor thinks that a vaginal delivery would be risky for the baby he would evaluate you a for a possible C-section delivery. You might want to do exercise like walking swimming to help your baby turn; also massages on your belly could help. I wish you the best.