Why won’t the doctor tell me if I miscarried or not? I can’t wait any longer.

Patient: I went to the ER on Dec.23rd for bleeding, they diagnosed me with a threatened pregnancy but said so far everything looked fine. On the 25th I had a meduim size piece come out of me but there was no pain. Is this from the vaginal ultrasound I had or did I miscarry? Went to the doctor on Mon and they are testing my levels but they said my cervix was closed and everything seems to be in order. But what other explanations are there for that thing coming out of me? Please help me, I am a nervous wreck and I can’t seem to wait any longer to know if my baby is okay or not.

Doctor: When doctors are concerned about a miscarriage, we have several tests available to assess the health of the pregnancy.An abdominal or pelvic ultrasound can detect fetal movement and heart rates.  Detection of  movement and heart beat are reassuring signs.Blood tests can monitor a hormone called Bhcg.  In a healthy pregnancy, Bhcg rises and changes can be detectable by repeating the test 48 hours apart.  In a threatened or terminated pregnancy, Bhcg levels fall when measured 48 hours apart.The appropriate tests are being done and unfortunately there is no way to provide you an answer without knowing results of the test.