Why would i not be a candidate for cervical adr?

Patient: I had an mri a year ago which showed a severe central herniation at c5-c6 and smaller ones at c3-4, c4-5, and c6-7. My symptoms have been mostly right arm to fingers pain, numbness, tingling,and recently and pins and needles pain. sometimes i have pain in left arm but it is intermittant. I have shoulder pain and neck pain as well as neck pain where it feels like a lot of pressure. I can hardly lay on my back or lean back in a chair for more than a few minutes without this pressure becoming intense. i can sleep basically only on my left side which is less pain but it is still there.I’ve been to a neurosurgeon a couple times and he offered surgery – fusion at c5-6 as an option as i have tried conservative treatment options already.(chiropractic, pt, injections, meds) I wasn’t ready to decide on surgery at that point and decided to give conservative treatment a little longer. Now i feel as if i need to look into surgery as it has not gotten better but seems to be making day to day life challenging more often than not. i had to get another mri because my other was more than 6 mo old. It now showed the c5-6 to be moderate. I had my mri’s done at different places but brought my older ones as comps. the doctor again saw i have tried conservative treatment for a long time and talked about surgery. i was also told i am not a candidate for adr because it is a central herniation andi have neck pain. What difference would that make? I seem to have no other options but fusion and I can’t say that is my first choice. I have been told that herniated discs don’t become unherniated so i am so confused by this as my symptoms have definatedly stayed the same if not worse. Other than that i am a healthy 42 yr old female 5′ 5″ and 128lbs. SR