Wierd solid “thing” squezzed out of spot

Patient: I had what looked like an acne spot on my right thigh, only the head was black (not a blackhead), I picked at it a couple of times, and only recently when I did it so more aggressively did it start to swell and hurt a bit, only when the pain become fairly noticeably I gave it a hard squeeze and a very odd thing came out, It is hard to describe, With no distingtive features I could use to identify it as a skin parasite, it was a mixture of black, blue, yellowish colour and had sort of a thin ending that was the same colour as shrimp and it was solid, it didnt just fall apart in my hand, but it felt like it would be easy to crush with my fingers, when it was out the spot felt alot less swollen, painfull and went alot less red and didnt bleed, the spot has been there for some time, im not sure exactly how long and only started to become irritating when I picked at it, is this a skin parasite that was in the proccess of growing? Or a type of acne I havent heard of mabye, And I dont have that much anyway, so if it is I do see how it couldve progressed that far, thanks.