Will a continuous heart rate monitor help in detecting low blood sugar?

Patient: My dad goes out for walking & jogging for an hour & sometimes returns back with low blood sugar level which has symptoms like excessive sweating, dizziness or blabbering. He’s sometimes not aware of the decline in blood sugar & doesn’t know when to have some sugar or glucose. I know when there’s a low sugar, the heart rate increases. So, I thought of getting a continuous heart rate monitor which tracks heart rate all the time & alerts with an alarm when the heart rate goes below or above normal. If he didn’t get it, at least the nearby people will come to know. My question is, will there be a dangerous increase in heart rate significant enough to trigger the alarm when the sugar goes low? Will this be helpful for him in detecting the low blood sugar or is there any other device we can use for continuous monitoring?

Symptoms: Low blood sugar, dizziness, blabbering, excessive sweating

Doctor: Hiwelcome to askthedoctor, happy to help youNo, It is not right to check sugar level by heartbeat, there is no linea r correlation between these two. Heartbeat can be raised by exercise and by low sugar, it is very difficult to predict low sugar by heart rate.I advised you to see a diabetologist to control medication level or insulin dose to avoid hypoglycemiahope this will helpTake care