Will a CT scan show the onset of a brain aneurysm

Patient: My daughter had a first time seizure. ER did a ct scan, said it was caused by a UTI and sent her home. She died 9 hours later because it happened again. My question is: Would the CT scan after her first seizure have shown the onset of the final aneurysm that took her life?

Symptoms: Seizure

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for contacting askthedoctor.comFirstly a urinary infection per se cannot cause seizures unless its a febrile seizure with high grade fever. I f the death has been found to be due to aneurysm rupture then it should have been picked up on CT SCAN initially as aneurysm have to swell to cause pressure symptoms or initial small rupture leading to hemorrhage to cause seizure . This could have been easily detected on CT SCAN.The second rupture would have turned out to be fatal .I am sorry for your loss,I hope i have answered your query,regards