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Will a womb scrub increase the chances of fertility

Dear Ask The Doctor:
Hi my girlfriend drank laxatives after finding out she pregnant a few years ago . now that we are married we struggling to conceive, will a womb scrub increase her chances of falling pregnant .


I understand your concern about possible infertility. There could be several reasons for infertility. The problem could lie with either partner and may be a single identifiable factor of a combination of factors. Hormonal imbalance, anovulation, PCOS, pelvic inflammatory disease or decreased sperm count may all cause infertility. You may have to consult your doctor in this regard. Evaluation for infertility requires commitment and patience. The tests and periods of trial and error may extend over several months. I would suggest you first to consult your gynecologist and after an evaluation he might refer you to a specialist in infertility. A womb scrub may not be the best option in the management of infertility and may cause additional side-effects. I wish you the best.

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