Will Google’s new contact lenses replace traditional monitors for diabetes?

Patient: Hello, I am a person living with diabetes and I am very intrigued about Google’s contact lens that would measure blood glucose levels. What do you think of this product and will it replace the traditional glucose monitoring devices?

Doctor: Thank you for your question.Google is currently developing a contact lens that would measure the glucose levels in a person’s tears. The idea is that this would allow diabetics with instant information about their blood glucose levels. The idea is in its infancy but is an exciting development. The technology would likely be synced to an application on your phone or smart device to allow you to obtain real time data on your sugar levels.One of the problems, as you may know, is that diabetics need regular monitoring of their sugar levels so they can adjust their insulin injections or oral medication appropriately. the current best technology involves a pin prick where some blood is taken and then sugar levels measured in a device that accepts the glucose test strips.As with all technology, I do not think it will replace existing methods entirely but will allow consumers more choice and allow individuals to best decide which testing methods is suitable for them. Choice, when it comes to you health is always a good thing. It will also be interesting to see if they can develop the product to have good accuracy. That is can tears from your eyes give as accurate of a result as your blood drop?

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Patient: Does anyone know if Google is looking for people to test out this product yet?

Guest: i have an problem for my eyes tell me plz?