Will i be pregnant??

Patient: I had sex with my husband on 19th March around 9 pm and I’ve taken contraceptive pills around 11.30 am in the next morning. Four days after taking the pill i had mild bleeding in my vagina. What does that signify? I already have irregular periods and i haven’t got my periods for the past 4 – 5 months.. Will i be pregnant??

Symptoms: Mild bleeding in the vagina

Doctor: Welcome to Ask The Doctor.We are here to help you.The method you practice is highly unsafe.The initial secretion s that are there for lubrication also contains sperms and just 1 sperm is enough for getting pregnant.Spotting after taking i-pill is very common.It is very unlikely that you will get pregnant.Wait for your periods. If you miss your periods, get urine pregnancy test done at home after 10 days of missing her periods.But since you are not getting regular periods, you also need to see a gynaecologist who will evaluate you for the causes and will treat you.I would advise you to be cautious next time and to use protection while having any sexual activity.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy