Will I be pregnant in a few days?

Patient: I am 16 years old and I am on my 4th period day however Im not bleeding and I didnt bleed last night. My boyfriend and I just had sex for the first time about half an hour ago and he was quite nervous and I’m skeptical about whether or not he put the condom on right. I told him to pull out before he ejaculated and he did but how will I know if Im pregnant over the next few days and is it possible that I am? Im seriously worried now!

Symptoms: No symptoms as of yet

Doctor: Chances of conceiving due to sex on the 4th day of your menstrual cycle seems unlikely as technically speaking you are i n a ‘safe period’ from ovulation point of view. This means that there are certain periods in the woman’s menstrual month (near periods and just after periods are over) when ovulation is unlikely and as a corollary pregnancy is not possible.Nevertheless, its a good practice to take a home pregnancy test if you miss your periods just to be sure. These tests are very simple to take and fairly reliable. The earliest you can test for a pregnancy is around the date of the next expected period.Also, now that you are sexually active and do not wish to get pregnant so soon, it would be a good idea to give some serious thought at using contraceptive methods. There are various options available such as pills, spermicidal jellies, condoms, diaphragms, vaginal rings etc. Visit a family planning center, school nurse or health adviser to discuss the benefits and risks of various contraceptive methods.