Will I get Pregnant If I miss taking birth pills for two days?

Patient: What will happen if I forget to take 2 of my birth control pills within the third week of the cycle?

Doctor: If you forget to take a birth control pill on a particular day, you can take the drug as soon as you remember or take tw o pills the next day. If you forget to take the pills for 2 consequtive days then you will have to take 2 pills the day you remember to take the pills and 2 pills the next day.If you forget to take the pills for more than 2 days then you may need to consult your doctor who may advise you to wait for your periods and start a new pack. If you forget to take any of the last 7 pills of the 28 day pack, you chances of pregnancy are slim ( as the list 7 pills only contain vitamins). However if you miss any of the pills other than the last 7 days, you will have to use additional contraceptive measure (condoms) till the next cycle.