Will i have excess skin after losing weight

Patient: I am 17 years old and i have put on alot of weight lately due to depression, i weigh 94 kg and would like to get down to about 65 to 70kg. If i lose weight is there any chance i will have excess skin afterwards? If so, how do i stop that from happening

Doctor: Whether or not someone develops excess skin after weight loss depend on various factors. It is difficult to say, every p erson is different. The condition and elasticity of your skin will depend on how much you weigh, how quickly you lost weight, for how long have you been overweight and your age. People who lose more than 100 pounds do tend to have an issue with excess or hanging skin. In my opinion I do not see a problem with excess skin in your case. You will find that as you continue to exercise and lose weight, your skin will become more firm and toned. I wish you well and hope that this answers your question.