Will my asthma go away?

Patient: I am a 26 year old female who developed asthma when i was roughly 10-11 years old. It affects my life in many ways such as when i play sports, when i go for long walks, etc. The burn just becomes too much. Will i be stuck with asthma for the rest of my life?

Doctor: There is a slight chance your asthma will disappear but since you are 26, it is highly unlikely. It is usually over the teenage years where if this condition is to improve, that is when it would have occurred. It is unfortunate to hear that your asthma is hindering your lifestyle (exercising, walking, etc.) This to me suggests you are not taking the proper actions to control the asthma. Make sure and use your salbutamol inhaler before doing exercises. Don’t always wait until you feel wheezy, be proactive and take before the wheeziness comes. If you are already doing this, and its not helping, go and get a brown or preventer inhaler. I hope this helps.