Will oral sex leads pregnancy??

Patient: Greetings,Will oral sex cause pregnancy???Sounds stupid, though am curious about the scientific explanation …My gf had my sperm to her mouth… Also my sperm drenched her lower…We wre Very sure that pregnancy doesn’t happen… But now her periods delayed a week…FYI, she is still virgin… So sperm drenched her lower also has no cause, I believe…Please advice, is there a chance of pregnancy???If so what can I proceed to abort..Thanks in advance

Symptoms: Delayed periods

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for contacting askthedoctor.comFirstly even if she is a virgin , yet if she had her vulva smeared wi th sperm or ejaculate ( as it got drenched), there are chances of pregnancy but more hypothetically considering that sperms would travel across the hymen and fertilize the egg if she has been in her fertile period at that time.The possibility exists but the chances are minimal. So best way to rule out pregnancy is to perform a urine pregnancy test at home which can confirmatively ascertain if she is pregnant or not.If the test is negative then she just have to wait for few days and stay calm for the periods to return . Else there are medical methods of termination of pregnancy bt they have to be supervised by a physician.I hope i have answered your query in detail,regards