Will such things affect my wife’s mind advesrly

Patient: We are couples of 38 and 31 years old from India. Leading very happy marriage and sex life since last 10 years. Just for a variety in sex life, me and my wife started watching pornographic movies together since last 1 year and both of us enjoy it very much. We watch it mostly every time before having sex.I aslo know that there are may websites where many open minded couples get into sex chats with likely minded couples. They post naked photoes of their wives and enjoy the dirty comments they get on the publised photos. As a vareity in sex life, I am aslo planning to expose my wife to such dirty talks with the strangers etc on net. No voice or vedio chat, only typing chat.I have two serious questions to you.If my wife continues to watch porn movies for longer period, is there any chane that her mind gets distracted one day and she will be attracted in other manIf I expose her to sex chats and dirty talks with strangers on net, will it again affect her mind and is there any chance of she starts cheating me in futureI do not have any serious plans of having any outside marrigae relationships, but want to have such things for spicing up our own sex life. Please advise.

Doctor: Thank you for your question. There is no scientifically proven link between pornography and infidelity. However, there a re some studies that have shown that excessive watching of pornography can be addictive and may eventually become preferred over physical intimacy. We are not suggesting that this may occur for your wife, however it is possible. It is important that you keep open communication between you and your wife and express you feelings and concerns to her. This may lead to you focusing more on intimacy with each other versus looking at an external source for pleasure.Thank you for consulting AskTheDoctor.com with your health concern.

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Guest: I am not a doctor, but I would want to cheat if men were seeing my body and saying sexually arousing remarks