Will the anti-depressants effect the Plan B pill or no?

Patient: I had sexual intercourse tonight and my partner pulled out but he wasn’t sure if he pulled out in time. He was concerned about if there was semen inside me. So we went to a drug store and bought a Plan B pill. I’m also taking bupropion hydrochloride (oral) and trazadone hydrochloride for depression. I only took one of bupropion earlier today. Will the bupropion hydrochloride interact with the plan b pill?

Symptoms: Possible pregnancy

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Doctor: Hello.thanks for contacting askthedoctor.comIt is not documented that anti depressants actually reduce the efficacy of progestins,so plan b would still work in its presence. You should get a withdrawal bleed within 7 days ideally . If it doesnt hapoen then it would be wise to evaluate with a urine pregnancy test.i hope i gave answered your query.wishing you health.regards