Will the new shingles shot work for someone with constant episodes?

Patient: I’ve had 8 cases of shingles in my left eye since 2007. The episodes are getting closer together now with only 6 weeks between recent episodes. Will the “shingles shot” be effective for me if I’ve already had shingles and keep having multiple reocurrences?

Doctor: I understand your concern about shingles and the vaccine. This painful skin rash occurs in older people and people who a re immunosuppressed due to other diseases or treatment with immune-suppressing drugs and is a reactivation of the chickenpox virus (which is also called herpes zoster).According to research in patients who have had shingles, this vaccine has shown to help prevent future recurrences. Importantly, these people should receive the vaccine after the original shingles rash has disappeared. I wish you the best.