Will this medication be harmful to my unborn baby.

Patient: Hi. Please help me. I am going out of my mind with worry. The thing is I had lasek surgery on both my eyes 8 days ago on the 18th day of my menstrual cycle and an hour ago when my home pregnancy test was positive. It’s the 26th day into my cycle and I usually get my period between the 21-25 day. I am also taking B15 homeopathic drop to regulate my periods.I am 40 now. I was pregnant seven years ago but had to have an abortion as I got chicken pox second month in my pregnancy.If this is not a false positive, could the procedure have been harmful to the baby?I have been taking one drop of chloramphenicol, sno*tears, betamethasone, in each eye every four hours for the last eight days and one drop of a sedative drop I do not remember the name of only twice after the surgery (one drop in each eye very twelve hours) and another one with the word sodium in the name which I took every four hours (one drop in each eye) from day 2 to 5 after the surgery. Should I continue this medication for another week as the doctor has prescribed? I noticed the medication I have been using is not advised during the pregnancy. Is it going to be harmful to the baby?Please help me.

Doctor: I completely understand your distress and anxiety especially since you have had to abort a pregnancy earlier owing to ch ickenpox.Eye drops generally have a local action and have a very variable systemic absorption.Chloramphenicol eye drops are generally not recommended in pregnancy. The safety of its use in pregnancy and lactation has not been established. You may want to consult your eye doctor and discontinue or change the chloramphenicol eye drops.Also it would be advisable to mention the use of these drops to your obstetrician or midwife so that they advise you certain diagnostic tests for any possible fetal anomalies. Most of these modern anomaly tests coupled with ultrasound examinations are fairly accurate and offer you a reliable chance of making an informed decision about your baby. Another reassuring fact about your case is that the drops were used at a very early stage of pregnancy and hopefully will not have had a negative impact on the baby.I hope you find this information helpful in making an informed decision about your pregnancy.