Will too much Vitamin C hurt my baby?

Patient: I am 16 weeks pregnant. And I have a cold. Today I took two servings of Emergen-C to help fight the cold. I saw that the max dosage of vitamin c is 2,000 mg. With the 2 Emergen-C, my prenatal, and the glass of orange juice I had, I had well over 2,000 today. Will my baby be okay?

Symptoms: My symptoms of the cold are the runny and stuffed up nose. I have also been sneezing. But I don’t seem to have any symptoms with the baby.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.If you have taken more than the prescribed dosage, then it is suggested that you incre ase your water intake as well to cause early metabolism . Also vitamin C is safe in pregnancy and doesn’t cause any harm to the foetus.Hope this helps you