Windshield glass still under healed scars…hurt!

Patient: Topic surgery. This one’s a little different. I got into a bad car accident 17 years ago when i was 22. I was passenger ,not wearing a seatbelt then hit a car head on causing me to go head first through the windshield. Despite the bodily harm that has long healed I did get over 110 stiches on my face from the cheeks above + a lot of staples on top of my head. The many scars are still here but much less pronounced. NOW, in the last month while washing my hair and performing jiu jitsu martial arts it feels like there are a couple of very painful blades sticking into my face. I examined the scars to find that there are still several (min.15 ) pieces of glass windshield underneath my skin. It hurts like hell + there is one piece about 1 inch to the right of my left eye in which my eye has been twitching ( possible psychosematic(sp) or near a twitch muscle? My questions are what would happen to a piece of windshield inside my skin after 17 years in terms of what may have grown around it like muscle or scar tissue? Secondly it looks like I will have to get these re opened at one point to remove the pieces right? Is there an xray that can spot glass under skin? This all scares me a lot of course cause it took me years of anxiety and depression to get over my scarred face. Will it be a day surgery? Please excuse the long question but the details are important to me. Thank you so very much and please contact asap. Sincerly,Michael Bos ,42 [email protected]

Symptoms: Pain when applying pressure to areas mentioned (scars)

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,Its really unfortunate to learn that you had to go through such a n ordeal at an early age in life. If the accident has still left multiple glass pieces under your facial skin then by now, it is likely that by now after so many years, the pieces would be covered by fibrous scar tissue and hence tough to identify by normal x-ray scans. The best investigation for identifying and localising the pieces of glass would be an MRI FACE which can not only detect them but can also measure the various depths at which they are presently placed.Nextly, this definitely warrants a repeat surgery for removal as glass is silica which doesn’t get macrophaged by bodily immunity, so it shall require a day care surgery for their removal.I hope i have answered your query in detail,Wishing you good health,Regards