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Patient: Helloi wanted to ask you about something that i am facing nowadays.. i have a bad smell coming from my vagina and i am still vergin i am 20 years old.. Also not only the smell is the problem but there is a yellow greenish liquid that comes out at the same time..please let me know what is this.. because i am so shy to go to the doctor..best regards..

Symptoms: Eching – smelly vegaina

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.According to your description, there is a possibility of vagin al infection.Usually vaginal infection is less common in virgin girls, the possible causes are improper use of tampons or sanitary pads like keeping same pad for more than eight hours, allergy to the material used in pads, sharing clothes etc.Any disturbances in health like fever, using antibiotics etc can lead to decreased local resistance at vaginal canal, flaring up of pathogens and can lead to infection.Changing inner wear twice a day, using cotton inner wear, avoiding harsh soaps etc can decrease the symptoms to some extent.If symptoms persist, better to consult a gynecologist once and get examined to find out the possible cause and take treatment accordingly.As sometimes virgin girls can also get vaginal infection, you can discuss freely with your doctor regarding this and take her advice.Take care.

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