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Wondering if im pregnant

Patient: I missed my period (12/28) I’ve been nauseous for a little over a week increased appetite back hurts lower part my feet and legs hurt when standing for long periods of time and that’s never happened headaches which I never get and I craze Goya hot sauce on almost everything I eat and fresh kosher dill pickles but… far negative pregnancy test what’s going on what’s the likelyness of me actually being pregnant from what I told you me and husband are ttc



Symptoms: Nauseas
Increased appetite
Missed period
Temperature still is higher then before i ovulated



Doctor: Hello,If you have missed your periods, then the best time to check for pregnancy is after 7th post missed period day with a beta hcg based urine pregnancy test as the sensitivity is high at that time. If the pregnancy test is negative then these symptoms can actually be safely attributed to premenstrual syndrome which mimic early pregnancy and can subside with the onset of menses usually. The PMS indicates that the menses are to ensue in few days. So, it is suggested that your repeat your pregnancy test again and if negative wait for menses to resume naturally for at least 15 days post missed period.I hope i have answered your questions in detail,wishing you good health,regards


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