Work days are finally over

Patient: Hello ask the Dr.Im trying to see if my condition sounds serious enough to apply for disability. I’m 38yrs old. 13 years ago, working as CNA, a dementia patient fell as I walked thru a doorway. I fell backwards on my butt with the patient on my lower body hitting the ground hard. I had instant numbness(like paralysis) of both legs and bladder. Once on the stretcher, the jerk of the board gave my feeling back. With workman’s comp and ER, they said it was a strain back. NO X RAYS, MRI, or SCANS. I had PT but it hurt so I quit. Jump forward…I’ve been in constant pain for years in and out of ER. Finally this year I had my first MRI: low back pain. Findings: the vertebral bodies are normal in height, alignment, and marrow signal. Moderate loss of the space height from L3 L4-5 S1. The conus is normal in appearance and position terminating at L1. No pars defect. L1-L2:unremarkable L2-L3:mild facet degenerative disease. L3-L4:mild leftward asymmetric disc bulging. Mild bilateral neural foraminal narrowing. L4-L5:mild concentric stenosis due to broad-basec disc protrusion, mild bilateral facet degenerative disease and mild ligament flavum thickening. Mild/moderate right and mild left-sided neural frontal narrowing. Right foraminal disc may contact the exiting right L5 nerve root. Impression: mild/moderate disc changes at L4-5 and L5-S1 more than L3-L4. Disc may contact adjacent nerve roots without definite mass effect. Mild facet degenerative disease.I am currently working as a hairstylist and long standing and bending at the sick after 10 years is becoming very very painful. Thanks for your advice.

Symptoms: Lower back pain, with sharp shooting leg pain and numbness,