Worried about a UTI test showing pregnancy

Patient: Hi im 17 years old and i just had sex for the first time with my boyfriend on November 29th and he came inside me twice because the condom broke. However, I am on the depo shot by i just started it on November 19th. Am I at risk for pregnancy? And i believe i have a urinary tract infection as well, my mom is taking me to the doctor on friday but im worried that they will test me for pregnancy and tell my mom. Do they test for pregnancy when testing for a urinary tract infection? and if they do can they legally tell my mom or will they just tell me?EDIT:my period is also 5 days late but im not sure if its because of the shot or possible pregnancyEDIT:my period is also 5 days late but im not sure if its because of the shot or possible pregnancy

Symptoms: Hurts to pee, have to pee all the time

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for contacting askthedoctor.comIf your depot has just been started from November 19th and you had se x on November 29th when condom broke , then the depot is not going to protect you against pregnancy in this cycle. However , if you have developed burning micturition, increased frequency and pain during urination , then yes it is a urinary tract infection which is very common after first intercourse.Your concern about pregnancy test and doctor asking you about intercourse is valid and they might ask you in history if you are sexually active and your last period date, and may even land up doing a urine pregnancy test based on history. So it would be wise if you would like to consult the doctor alone in person and can confide in them . If you dont wish to disclose things to your parents then you may tell your doctor to keep it confidential.A urine test for culture is separate from pregnancy test. But it is wise to get the pregnancy ruled out as you have missed your periods off its due date.I hope i have answered your query in detail.Wishing you good health,regards