Worried about being pregnant

Patient: I had protected sex a weeek ago and I had an ipill (contraceptive )within 24 hours just to make sure. .are there any chances I can be pregnant?

Doctor: Since you had protected sex and used emergency contraceptive pill within 24 hours, chances of pregnancy is negligible. B ut to be assured get pregnancy test done to be relieved of any worries.

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Guest: Ma gf had peroids on 9th may n v had sex on 13 may (5th of peroid no bleeding ) bt Didnt intercourse jus touched her vagina ! Ltr next day noon took postpone 72 n vomited after an hour ! N she had bleedin on 18-20 May like peroids ! Now it’s 11 June she din get her peroids n she s havin transparent white discharge ! Is she pregrant ?