Worried about Penis Size.

Patient: Hello,I’m a 19 year old Male who will be 20 in March and I’m worried/embarrassed about my penis size. My voice hasn’t really changed over the years however I’ve had public hair since I was around 14, but I’ve never been able to grow facial hair, and I’m exactly 6ft. I don’t know if I’ve got through puberty fully or not, but my penis size when flaccid is 2″-3″ and about 4″-41/2″ when erect. I know this is below average and it’s ruining my self confidence when it comes to having a relationship with someone.Could there be anything wrong with me related to hormones or maybe I’m just late developing properly? I’m too embarrassed to see my GP about it, but if that’s really something I need to do then I guess I’ll have to suck it up and go, as it’s worrying me on a daily basis. I’ve also never had sex as I can’t bring myself to enter into a physical relationship with another woman due to this.I’m also a Type 1 Diabetic, whether that’s relevant or not I don’t know, but any advice would be helpful.Thanks.

Symptoms: Penis Size, Hormones, Testosterone, Puberty

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your medical query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern and apprehensions about the leng th if your penis.Size of an erect penis ranges from 4 ” to 7 ” normally. So 4-4.5 ” as you mentioned is not abnormal. Yes, most people have a penile length of 5 ” and above but that does not add to any further stimulation of the female vagina. Only the outer 1/3 rd of the female vagina has receptors that get stimulated during intercourse and a size of 4 ” is enough for that.I am just trying to explain that you should not be so concerned. Regarding puberty, the maximum length of penis is attained by 18 years of age.You can try the method of jelqing and try to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. These are muscles that you would use to stop urinating or controlling urination as your bladder is full. This leads to enhanced blood supply and loosen the ligaments adding another 2-3 cms to the original length.You should visit your physician and get your serum testosterone evaluated. If that is fine, you should not worry too much about the size. You will have a normal sex life with a partner who will be satisfied with your size.Hope this was helpful,Regards.