Worried about pregnancy

Patient: I had sex with my girlfriend six days ago and I had a condom on I pulled out before I ejaculated and ejaculated in the condom, I can’t remember if I peed before sex or not but I think I did. I’m still worried about pregnancy, it would be great if you could answer! Thank you.Brandon

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for contacting askthedoctor.comIf there has been no rupture of condom during the intercourse and mor eover you pulled out before ejaculating inside the vagina, the chances of pregnancy are negligible.The failure rates of condoms are 3-5 % , but mainly due to condom rupture. As that is not the case at your end, it would be safe to consider that pregnancy wouldn’t occur.However , if your partner misses her periods then it would be imperative to get a urine pregnancy test done after 7 days of missed periods to rule out pregnancy first considering the remote chance of failure.I hope i have answered your query ,wishing you good health,regards