Worried about reoccurring ovarian cyst

Patient: I am a 18 year old female and over the last two years I’ve dealt with endometriosis. I started having sharp shooting pains in my right lower quadrant and went to the hospital where they told me a just had a small cyst from being on my period. After that it started happening more often until I went to the gynecologist where they prescribed me a continuous dosage of birth control so I would only have my period once at the end of every third month. The pills worked for awhile but I continuously got the pain again and it wouldn’t stop. Recently I have been diagnosed with reoccurring ovarian cysts that when they rupture they cause me that huge sharp pain after many ultrasounds. They prescribed me 800 mg of ibprofin to help ease the pain.It’s now been 6 months since then and they cysts kept returning. I can feel them all the time if I press my right lower abdomen which is where I always get them. What I’m worried about now is that recently I’ve had pain from the cyst that I’ve never felt before. This pain was more severe and constant for more than 3 days and as well the pain has traveled to my upper stomach under my ribs. I also have become frequently nauseated, especially right after I eat anything. Last night I was so hungry, but eating hurt my stomach and abdomin so much and my body didn’t want to intake anything because it all made me nauseated. The past 2 days I’ve had an increase in urination, we are talking maybe every 20-30 minutes, I know at least once an hour which isn’t normal for me. Increase in gas, back pain, very swollen and tender abdomen that sometimes hurts to touch. Can this be anything serious? I can’t go to a doctor until at least January, but I’m extreamly worried.

Symptoms: Symptoms: constant/ sharp shooting pains in upper and lower abdomen, nausea(especially after eating), increase in urination, back pain, swollen/tender abdomen.

Doctor: Endometriosis is a recurrent and progressive disease and cysts may reappear, even after surgery. Pills can suppress the flare-ups and so far, no cure is available for this chronic ailment. While pain may be a feature of endometriosis, the frequency of urination that you reported is more commonly associated with urinary infections. Swollen abdomen is not normal and may indicate some serious medical causes. I am afraid, any further delay may worsen your problem to a great extent. Please try to get medical help as soon as possible!