Worried about sti’s and std’s.

Patient: Is it possible to get a infection or std from a hand job?went to a massage parlor (first time) a week ago, and my penis seems sore and uncomfortable since.I pee more often and when i ejaculate i have gelatinous yellowish sperm mix with regular sperm.

Symptoms: More often sensation to pee, sore penis, yellowish hard semen once ejaculated.

Doctor: Thank you for writing to ATD.If you only got a handjob and the person’s hand was clean, then the chance of STI is ve ry low. If she gave a Blow Job as well, it is possible that you may get an STI.I recommend that you confirm if you have an STI by getting it checked. If you have an STI, get treated for it.Wishing you a speedy recovery.