Worried due to Pre Ejaculation

Patient: I am a 25 years male and in a relationship for last 6 years. I’ll get marry in May 2014. Last year, first time we tried to get little intimate. But I did not last for 02 min at least. I thought may be due to first time tension it happened. But after that we tried so many times and result is same. Till now I could not be successful and whenever i try to make it I ejaculate so fast. So no penetration till date and many times it just come out simply… During foreplay itself…Health wise I am average and my fiancee fully supports me during act but still we are far from real intercourse. Now being little worried about upcoming marriage life.I also ready about Generic medicine that is “Dapoxetine” Please suggest your valuable advise to bring my sexual life on track… Its not yet started ­čÖü