Worried I might have diabetes

Patient: Hi,For the last couple of weeks I have been feeling thirsty and needing the toilet alot. Sometimes in the middle of the night, and despite the amount I’m drinking I feel dehydrated in the morning. I also have thrush.I went to a walk in centre this morning and they tested my urine and said it is not diabetes. I hadn’t yet eaten and I had drank alot of water since the night before.I’m just wondering if there’s any chance the urine test would not be accurate as the amount of water I’ve been drinking may lower the glucose levels?They’ve given me medication for a UTI, but I’m not experiencing any of the other symptoms for UTIs such as pain or dark urine, as it is coming out almost clear.Also my brother has type one diabetes and was diagnosed in his 20s, I am also in my 20s.Thanks,Katherine

Symptoms: Frequent thirst, frequent urination, thrush, no pain passing urine, clear urine