Worse ever pain in back

Patient: Hello,I would like to ask a question related which is related to my mother’s health. she is havingmajor pain in her right back near a height of heart which is major. this happened two yearsago as well but right behind heart and that was unbearable too. this time she is having on the same height of heart but on right side.we have consulted some doctors In our country but its been 20 days she is not having anyrecovery and it getting more worse. she is taking medicine of her health regarded but for this painshe is applying some pain relief creams, some pain killers and also a bottle with warm water to effected area in her back. can u please suggest what kind of pain is that I am explaining her medical history which she has been gone through which isshe has angina pain in 2009angiography 2010by pass 2010 (three walls blocked)(operated by top surgeon Dr. akhtar From NMC Karachi Pakistanangioplasty 2009 (two springs was fixed inside her veins) by Dr. Tariq Ashraf From NMC Karachipain in right behind her heart(more than 2 weeks) ended with aftershockno B.P was found, no heart beat found by apparatus, was in C. C.U for five daysall precautions taken by cardiologists to take her out this situation but pain was still thereso moved to I.C.U in NMC Karachi Pakistan and C.T.Angio done and checked by Dr aneesto find if its angina pain or what symptom is that. but no result foundshe came back home taking all medicine but pain was still there but after 1 week more ofshocking pain its was gone by itself (I am saying this because after ct angio and taking allmedicines the pain was there)now the pain is back after two years but right side this time.can you please diagnose what type of pain is this . is it heart related ? muscular pain or whatif its heart so she has been consulted by Cardio dr. taking medicine but no recovery.if its muscular pain so she is using pain killers and warm bottle water and creamskindly suggest something to find out what to do now .will be thank full and appreciatedusman

Symptoms: pain in back right side, on the height of heart

Doctor: Your mother has pain in chest with a previous history of angina and was treated for that. She again complaints of simila r pain. Chest pain could be due to heart, musculo skeletal i.e. chest wall, gastritis or due to neuralgia or rarely herpes zoster. From the history given, pain is not cardiac or musculo skeletal. Mostly it could be a neuralgic or neuropathic pain. Consult a general physician or neurologist for further evaluation of cause and get treated accordingly.