Worsening of health due to molds

Patient: Hello, my wife have Thyroid DIs..,4 months ago we move to new house,firs month everything by fine but after she start feel bad,neck pain,breast pain etc.My son(9 years old) when he sleep breading hard and when i in home for long more than 5 hours my eyes is very red.we dont no what happen.everythink start when MOLD in living room and my son bedroom coming out.my question is Can mold cause my wife thyroid problems.my son breading hard and my eyes. thank you

Doctor: Some indoor molds have the potential to produce extremely potent toxins called mycotoxins, which could definately cause the symptoms that you are experiencing. You may experience skin rash and itching, running nose, eye irritation, cough, congestion, and aggravation of asthma. Also, if you have an immune suppression or underlying lung disease, you may be at increased risk for infections from molds. I would recommend that effected areas should be cleaned with water mixed with chlorine bleach to prevent mold growth. Moldy items should be discarded.You should first consult a family or general health care provider who will decide whether you need referral to a specialist. Such specialists might include an allergist who treats patients with mold allergies or an infectious disease physician who treats mold infections. If an infection is in the lungs, a pulmonary physician might be recommended. Patients who have been exposed to molds in their workplace may be referred to an occupational physician. I hope the information helps, take care.