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Would my breast implants be encapsulated?

Patient: I researched a few plastic surgeons and have decided I want to get a breast augmentation. I have a question, however, a couple years ago I took the contraceptive implanon on my left arm. At first it was great but after a couple of months I stopped being able to feel it in my arm. I went back to my OB/GYN and he decided to have it removed that day. It was difficult for him to remove it because my body had encapsulated it. My question is that if I get breast augmentations will my implants be encapsulated as well or will this be a problem?


Doctor: Thank you for your question and welcome to ask the doctor. That is a great question. All breast implants form a capsule around them when implanted into the body. Most capsules however remain soft and pliable and do not create any concern for the patient. In some patients, this capsule may thicken and begin to contract around the implant, capsular contracture, causing the implants to feel hard. If this occurs, your surgeon can remove this scar tissue from around the implants and place new implants. I do not think that your previous experience would be indicative of your chances of developing a capsular contracture around your breast implants.


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