Wrist Injury After Punching a Punching Bag

Patient: 29 yr old male. About a month ago i rolled my wrist punching a punching bag. I know to def have my wrists wrap for now on. Me being Rocky over here. When i did it, it didnt hurt that bad. The next day i could def tell something was wrong so i bandage it up with a bandage wrap for about a week. The pain is on my right wrist. The right part of my wrist only to the middle of my arm to about my elbow. I get tingle feelings every once in a while in my hand up my arm. Im thinking i sprained it pretty bad so i got some icy hot and one of the best wrist stabilizers i could get that helps relieve carpal tunnel syndrome. It def helps alot when i ware it. When i sleep i try to keep my wrist above my heart. I would of seen a doctor by now but my health insurance dosent kick back in til the weather breaks i go back to work. Anyway. What can i do at home for my self to get this healed and when can i get back to the punching bag? With my wrist wraped of course. I just started working out again only doing push up and sit ups. I would have to say my wrist and arm is like 75%. Please help! Thank u.

Doctor: According to your description, most likely you had a sprain of the right wrist, the healing time for such injuries varie s from patient to patient, but generally requires Protection (splinting and avoidance of painful movements and activities), Rest, Ice the first 24 hours and then local heat (hot moist compresses or paraffin baths), anti inflammatory medication (i.e.: “Aleve”) so the patient can come back progressively to his/her daily routine in about 4-6 weeks. It is recommended that you keep using the wrist brace and avoid movements and activities that put additional stress on the wrist.But if the limitation of the movements, pain, inflammation continues you should be evaluated by hand specialist and probably you will need to get some X-rays, CT scan or MRI taken to rule out some other causes of wrist pain and limitation as for example: Scafoid fracture, which can produce persistent pain and limitation on the wrist after a forced extension injury in young and active individuals.