Patient: I am a 8 years xanax user. It is prescribed for severe anxiety and generally I took 1.5 to 2 mg daily. I am also 8 weeks pregnant. At 5 weeks, when i became aware of the pregnancy, i started taking A smaller dose in an effort to quit. From 5 weeks TO present, i have taken approx. .25 mg daily. I saw my OB GYN for the 1st time yesterday. He was severely worried about my consumption of the drug. To a point where he wants me to have a stage 2 ultrasound at 15 weeks to check for birth defects. All in all, he made me feel like complete crap and a drug addict because of my continued use and told me to stop xanax and replace it with Phenergan. It was my understanding Phenergan is for nausea. Is my doctor full of crap?