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XRAY Thoracic, Lumbar, Cervical Spine

Patient: Hi, I am very concerned my left leg is going Numb Major and a little in my right now too. I also have vision issues, headache, spasms feel numb in my lower extremities. I can barely walk and need a walker. Beyond excruciating back pain. I am on Prednisone 100 mg, Dilaudid 14mg daily, 2-Topmax 25 mg, 4-6 Tylenol #3, 4-6 extra strength Ibuprofen and 2- Valium 5mg per day .I have to sleep sitting up and only 2-3 hours per night. I just received an X-RAT which I have been begging to get for at least 4 months now on my back. It says The Summary this:Early lower cervical spondylosis and generalized cervical facet arthrosis with foraminal encroachment and alteration of normal curvature.Mild T1 and T12 older compression fracture with degenerative secondary changes. Generalized Lumbar degenerative disc diseases and facet Arthrosis.It does say on one are that I have significant hyperostosis is seen in the lower lumber and lumbosacral facets between L 2- S1 segments. There is moderate L1-2-3-4 and L5-S1 disc space narrowing and mild L4-5 disc space narrowing with marginal osteophytosis due to generalized lumbar degenerative disc disease.There are many things noted. What should I do? I went to the ER over 15 times in the they maybe in the past year and told me it was just bowels…and mistreated me and would not do a scan or a XRAY Finally after pushing for one last week or so ago I have one. I am very scared as I cannot feel my leg leg barely. I do NOT want to be mistreated again,Just over maybe 2-3 weeks ago I went and said that my eyesight was blurry, double vision, severe back pain and leg was going numb and forehead the Doctor crossed his arms and said what now to me. sent me home and I went to another hospital and that guy said you have 30 secs to talk and was mean to me. I went outside in the freezing rain/ storm in a wheelchair and cried, felt hopeless. They did not examine me nor touch me. He stood 5 feet away from me.. Please Help… I need some advice. I am scared now to go to an Emergency Room in fear of being mistreated. Two ER Doctors in one night really hurt me…I am over I think now.. It is Thank Giving in Canada and I now have God in my Life… to direct and I hope you can give some advice Lots of Love , Thank you Katherine



Symptoms: Left leg is going Numb Major and a little in my right now too. I also have vision issues, headache, spasms feel numb in my lower extremities. I can barely walk and need a walker. Beyond excruciating back pain and have hip pain, shoulder pain and sometimes chest right through to my back pain.



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Doctor: Thank you for your questionI note your frequent visits to the ER and the number of pain medications you are on.I t would be impossible to be on that many medications without a prescribing doctor other than the ER.If you are still in pain despite the coctail of medications, than an alternative treatment plan needs to be made and you need to be strongly involved.If you have a family doctor, ask him to refer you to a rheumatologist or physiatrist or orthopedic surgeon for opinions on Management of your condition. Some pain centre’s have all 3 specialists on staff and. That may be a quicker method to obtain a second opinion.If you do not trust your family doctor or are seeking care in walk in clinics, then do a through search of specialists in your neibourhood and contact their office on how best to obtain a referral (fax, email, specific forms, required information).If you do the leg work, your family doctor is more likely to refer you as it shows you are taking an active part in your health.If your family doctor does not refer you despite your active involvement… than it may be time to seek a new doctor.You will always be the best advocate for your health. Please seek a referral to the above 3 mentioned specialists.

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Patient: I asked regarding the XRAY >>>> is or if I should be concerned serious???? As I am extremely sick right NOW>>… You have NOT answered my question…… I am a Single Mom paying for your Service to be delivered in 4 hours $40.00 and the only you added was the physiatrist or an orthopedic surgeon. I appreciate believe me, any HELP I can get if it’s NOT for me RESEARCHING AND PLAYING A HUGE PART IN MY HEALTH RIGHT NOW I WOULD BE IN A WHEELCHAIR AT THIS TIME. My left leg is extremely Numb, THE BOTTOM OF MY FOOT IT IS PUFFY AND CANNOT WALK OR PUT ANY PRESSURE ON IT THE BALL OR THE FRONT PART and now so is my lower extremities ) pelvic and surrounding areas are starting to NUMB and I am clumsy, dropping things out of the hands, Confusion, some incontinence) not really knowing when I have to use the bathroom. Holding it or retaining it. I can only tell by looking at my stomach so full. And temp in temp 35.0 area and just like 45 min ago I coughed and thought I urinated but I had a bunch of blood come out….I have not had a real period forever. I believe I may have something very serious needing urgent care to save my limbs……… or even life. I have back pain that is beyond me… Forehead pain with it and eyes pain..pressure. I feel suddenly like at times I am going to pass out.I actually have and some chest pain. Suddenly my heart starts to throb and it goes through to my back very bad now eating an aspirin quickly and drinking a diet coke and it seems o help. I may have this starting….. The pain in my back is mostly Lumbar I think, but the pain is from from my Neck to my tail bone all the way through and the surrounding muscles around it. My doctor asked if I could benefit from massage and I said NOT NOW it hurts to touch my back, Cauda Equina Syndrome starting now……
I appreciate everything you are saying 110% and yes, I do have a GP Doctor involved. He has been my doctor when I was 19yrs-24yrs and again in 2006-2008 then again 2009 to now (2014)
I have been on Pain Medication and they put me on Anxiety Medication as my heart would race after eating and throwing up would stop the racing. The Alpralozem stopped that. Since 2008 with a Herniated Disc you can read all about that down more…… He has been trying to get me admitted into the hospital for observation; however I apparently went the wrong one. My doctor said well, we might as stay at this one now. He did make a comment to me though. This was his comment I really think you need to be admitted for observation… however the hospitals keep sending you home… he is very frustrated….. I really love my doctor and think he is the best. I have travelled far distance to see him and have continued to. When he retires I will sadly miss him. He is the only one that truly cares about my well-being and now an Internal Medicine doctor involved as well. There is also one other ER doctor that I am thankful for that stopped me from leaving the ER one day as if it were not for her I would be getting any help today from any specialists. There are two other internal medicine doctors that referred me to the Hospital Care Clinic too. I do not know their names, but Thank you to them as well. Two ER doctors have extremely mistreated me…. And hopefully one day their actions will be dealt with… but that is not important at this time. The important thing here is my HEALTH and getting the right care…. And being here for my daughter and son… who I love so dearly.
I currently have about (5) maybe (6) Specialists involved and they say it is complex and challenging and I have them stumped….The only reason they are stumped they have NOT DONE the right scans and not listening to the patient……. I have said on numerous visits that my back is killing me that I need an MRI, CT and BONE SCAN and that my Thyroid IS VERY BAD around my NECK is bothering me and it hurts to swallow… . IT IS GROWING INTO MY NECK AND IS SWOLLEN AND I HAVA RING AT THE BOTTOM. I need a SCAN on my Throat…. No-one has done this and it’s been MONTHS. I EVEN ASKED THE 2 INTERNAL MEDCINE DOCTORS THAT DAY, THAT REFERRED ME TO THEIR CARE CLINIC IF THEY COULD DO ONE THAT DAY THEY SAID NO.……………… Not only that, but I believe after getting copies of my health records scans the Receptionist’s at my own Doctors Office has not been bringing things to my DOCTORS ATTENTION… RECOMMENDATIONS OF FURTHER SCANS… SHE DOES NOT LIKE ME. She has always been rude to me and hurts me constantly. The only reason I have those 5 Specialists involved is that I made a comment that the next time you will hear my name will be dead as I feel that sick inside that if something is not done soon I will lose my life.. When the ER discharged me. When I went to walk away another ER doctor ran after me and talked with me. They kept me did scans and put me on IV antibiotics for 4 days, twice daily. NO ONE believed me about my back pain nor my throat really, except my own Doctor who finally ordered an Ultrasound and I have Multiple Cysts in my Thyroid and I have a Lymph Node on Left Neck and Right Neck I have 1 similar one measuring 7mm. The Ultrasound recommends further testing of a ISOTOPE which I had to push my INTERNAL MEDICINE DOCTOR AT HOSPITAL TO ORDER FOR ME.. THAT IS GETTING DONE OCT 15TH, 2014 AND ON MY LAST VISIT I TOLD MY DOCTOR MY DOCTOR THAT I WOULD TRADE MY LEGS FOR MY BACK IT IS THAT BAD SO HE IS ORDERING ME A BONE SCAN FINALLY AFTER MONTHS OF COMPLAINING. MY QUESTION AGAIN IS WHAT DOES MY XARY SAY AS I SIT HERE CRYING NOT WANTING TO BE AT HOSPITAL AS THEY TREAT ME WITH DISRESPECT AND ARE CRUEL…. This is something I wrote I am going to share with you I wrote this as I wake up crying every night… and it is what I am going through in my pain and I hope if anyone else has the same or similar conditions to please pursue it is so important. I have now created a LINK in case I can no longer talk to all of what has been happening, blood work, before and after photos and scans (MOST IMPORTANT) if I have Cauda I have 48 hours to or I could lose nerve functions in my bowels and abilities in the pelvic region. Very Serious and it could be Permanent. My own Doctor called me to say I needed to go to the Emergency Department and say that I need to be seen by Internal Medicine and need to be admitted and observed.
This is something I wrote… I am sharing with you as I the only thing stopping me right now from protecting my health and going to an Emergency Room is how I have been treated so far. On Friday the Oct 10th like 3 days ago.I just had an inside Hosptial Gastroscopy and Colonsoscopy and they found an Ulcer and took a Biopsy of it and made comments “not Crohn’s or colitis may be related to Vasculitis. I currently have an Internal Medicine, Doctor involved, Infectious Disease – Internal Medicine Doctor,: who I begged for the XRAY on my BACK to be done) I asked for my back to be done forever. Since after the 1st scan of this year I have gone from being able to wash dishes and dress to NOT. I also have a Gastrologist, Neuro- Ophthalmology as I was referred by the Ophthalmologist to look for suspected CGA only because I booked my own Optometrist Apt myself and she says an Indiscreet Optic Nerve Temporal in my Right Eye. I have an Oral Surgeon involved and in the Month of October have had Surgery to remove 3 teeth that had a Bone Infection under the two teeth in the Bone. This is after seeing a Walk In right after seeing the Hospital as I was still in major pain in Jaw area and Back Pain and they took a did an X-RAY on my mandible and said I need to see a Dentist that I have excruciating Jaw Pain and massive abscess. I said I had a Dentist booked already.
Here is what I wrote earlier to all my friends on Facebook… Hi >> I have to for my sake and my daughters…. I ask God to give me the strength to get through this…. I want me back please..
My blood work is so so so out of whack they can’t isolate it…I may be that 1% out of a billion or trillion RARE disease…. is what she has been saying and said it again tonight… Great!!!! She said though that until we have ran out of options though of specialists or until something dramatically shows YUP that is exactly it As I sit here my toes are going into spasms and my back… ughhhh and really bad tummy pain…. I do not want to be always writing about my illness on here and like I said will be starting a blog for release as it seems to help me… If you want to follow, it please do so it will be great to read..Once I have time to put it up. I will let you all know. Believe me it will be very interesting. Some of you may be able to relate to it…. or know of someone going though the same thing. I just hope it helps me to get it off my chest and also help others get though the minute,hours and day like me… SO FAR IT HAS:-)
I will still mention my illness a little here and there on Facebook and talk about it of course, as it is a big part of what I am going through… but I want to try to use Facebook more as release for me and to have fun and enjoy you all 🙂 I do not want to feel alone and it has helped me to come back. And reconnecting with all of you. Watching your videos and family pictures it gives me great JOY and HAPPINESS. So LETS HAVE SOME FUN!…. LOVE YOU ALL FOREVER… KATHY… XOXOX I think I will post info here attachment on Prednisone for those that do not know about it… It is quite the medication.. Since last week I have felt very high…. And started to have some hallucinations the past 3 to 4 nights… really freaky… so again I hope I am in good hands… and that it also will help others get though the minute,hours and day like me… SO FAR IT WORKED:-)
Oh, here are a couple of links… I AM POSTING THESE LINKS AS i WANT YOU ALL TO KNOW i am on 100mg and since Sept 18th, they started me on 40mg on August 29th as my CRP was 19.1 and well Neutrophils was 17.7 and WBC 25 and well just lots of stuff… and I could not do up my own bra or wash a dish. they say you make a deal with the D down below by taking it. If I did not start taking it on August 29th, I would most likely be in a wheelchair or who knows worse. But what is worse. I do not know i have to trust these doctors… K again Love you all. Kathy. So tired.. I will chat in the morning…. Or like in 2-3 hours as I sleep sitting up and can only sleep that much now.K laters.
Here are some links about Prednisone. I thought you may want to see. Again, I am on 100MG daily each morning. :High Dose”
Other Medications…. I am taking.
7 other medications. Dialudid- 2mg x 7 per day, 5mg- Valium x2 per day, 4 Tylenol #3 per day,4-6 Ibuprofen Àdvil-Extra Strength 400mg per day, I Tecta per day for Stomach and Topmax 25mg- 2 per day.
I am giving you this information for informational purposes only that if you are taking the same thing as me, maybe you have the same conditions as me I don’t know…. I just want you to know that even taking all that I am still in pain so something is wrong, obviously not only that but I just learned how to swallow pills. LMAO I could not swallow pills until I was 40 years old… I had to crush them and drink with chocolate milk… Now with so many I know how to..
Links on Prednisone and the Serious Side Effects…..
Written after my Hospital Emergency Visits….. Hi internet world: -). I have decided to today to start a blog. I have no idea what I am doing, but I feel it will help me through what I am going through and I really hope it helps others too.

Doctor: Thank you for your follow up post and allowing us to re adress your xray question.
There are 2 concerning aspects of your xray: the foraminal enceropchment and past history of compression fractures.
If you were in pain (which you are based on your meds), this would be justify ordering an MRI for consideration of surgery.
However, the persitant foot numbness and occasional incontinence do concern me and warrant an immediate trip to the ER for consideration of a urgent MRIM
It is possible that the symptoms are unrelated to the spinal findings but if they are connected, it would suggest a severe nerve compression requiring a surgical decompression.
I hope I was able to answer your question


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