Xyzal and Avamys

Patient: I have been prescribed Xyzal and Avamys 10 days ago. I used those medications last year, but this year I was told to use them for 3 weeks. I take Xyzal once daily, and Avamys too, in the morning. Is 3 weeks a long time, and if it is, could it possibly have any side effects on me?thank you in advance

Doctor: Xyzal or Levocetrizine is an antihistaminic compound with a good side effect profile. Although, it is safe for long term use, the dose schedule should be in the evening to avoid cognitive impairment during the day, while driving or involved in activities that require mental alertness. Avamys or Fluticasone nasal spray is also safe for long term use and can be taken in the morning with no side effects.