Y friend who is 49 years old his blood sugar is 249

Patient: Y friend who is 49 years old his blood sugar has been 249 for 3 days and looks like he is stressed really bad. What can I do to help him in any way

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Monitor his fasting blood sugar and post-meal ( after 2 hours of lunch ) and keep a tra ck of this for a couple of days. Ask your friend not to get stressed physically and mentally as it will further increase the sugar levels. Consult a physician with the sugar recordings and he might need tablets or insulin accordingly. The sugars can surely be controlled at this level with tablets and insulin, diet management and meditation. Avoid refined flour, glucose, sugars, oily and junk food and baked sweets and ice creams. High fibre diet, pulses and fresh fruits and vegetables will help a lot.Hope this helped.Regards