Yasmin for 3 months continuously

Patient: Dear Doctor,I am 24 years old, I am taking yasmin for 4 years now. Everything is ok, I like it and I take it reguraly, I also dont miss the pills.My problem is that I hate having periods, so I take the pills for 3 months or even more continuously, then I have one period and I continue taking yasmin for 3 more months without break.In my area I couldnt find any pill that has such a long term without breaks, my gyn, and anotherone did not comment on this issue, they say that is not ok to take like this, I should do like the prospect says.I would like to ask you if I can continue like this, or what are the risks of taking the pills for 3 months without break?Or what should be the composition of another pill which is safe to take for a longer period?Thank you in advance!

Doctor: Many women especially those suffering from premenstrual problems, painful periods, endometriosis etc. do prefer to be fr ee from periods from prolonged periods. Extended cycle birth control pills are specifically meant to serve this purpose. They are supposed to be taken for 84 days followed by 7 days of withdrawal in order for you to bleed. These pills would be better suited for you as they are specially formulated for this purpose. It is not recommended that you continue the present brand of pills for 3 months without a break as it goes against the product advice and hence it would be akin to experimenting with your body. Discuss the option of extended cycle birth control pills with your doctor. You could check with online pharmacies for help with the prescription. The side effect profile of these pills is the same as that of other birth control pills. The only additional safety concern is that if you accidentally miss the pills and get pregnant; it would be more difficult to recognise the same in the absence of a monthly period. Discuss all the pros and cons of this form of contraception carefully before you decide what you wish to do.