Yeast infection!

Patient: I’m 24weeks & 3 days pregnant, I’m currently struggling with a vaginal infection which I believe is a yeast infection.I had one when I was 19-20 weeks and treated with cream and went away fine. Now that it has come back I went to the hospital to get checked out and they tested my urine and it says there were small traces of a urinary tract infection which is fine because I’ve dealt with them over many years and usually everytime they test my urine something shows up. But there was no sign of a yeast infection, a doctor came in and checked me out ‘down there’ and said that it ‘looked’ like a yeast infection and she told me that my partner should be treated aswell so I wouldn’t keep getting it.Tonight I’ve been thinking.. If it really was a yeast infection wouldn’t we both have them around our mouths (we do oral sex)? Could this be something else.My partner has no symptoms of any infections, his penis looks and feels the same to him as it always has. But my vagina burns, itches like CRAZY and is constantly swollen to the max and just so sore to touch!Please help! I want it gone!Thank you!