Yeast infection, am i fighting a ghost

Patient: Hi doci am recently divorced, 4 months to be precise. in april my wife complained of pain during intercourse, a burning sensation that was more prevalent after sex. we visited a doc and he said it could have been a yeast infection, she was prescribed antbiotics and vaginal creams,and i was also prescribed antbiotics. prior to this my wife had reacted to the jadiel, she had constant bleeding and so we eventually decided to remove it and she started the pill.on our first visit with the doctor, he did highlight that the infection was normal in women. there was no visible brusing, thrash or wounds, jus a whitish discharge at times. i had no symptoms of anything, i have no itching thrash or bruising up to now. after her first course with the antibiotics, in pill form, there was no change, she still felt the pain and the discharge ws still there. our doc highlighted that there was no reason to panic as there was no signs from his point of view that there was something majorly wrong, just for the yeast infection he had dignosed earlier, again he prescribed antibiotics and creams, we both took them.however the problems still did not fully go away, at times she wouldnt feel pain and see the discharge, at times she felt the pain as well. a friend of mine a pharmacist when we had gone to purchase our next prescription then gave us another suggestion,this time he gave us fluconazole capsules to take one once every week, they were seven for each of us, so for seven weeks we took the fluconazole capsules until they were finished. the problem did go away and until the time we seperated she did not complain and i have reason to believe she is still okay for she has not used or requested my medical aid. we agreed that as this was a problem that began when we were together, she could still use my medical aid if the problem resurfaced. on my part i have no itching thrash or any visible sign that i could think of or is suggesting that there is something is the worrysome part now. having been single for about three months with no sexual action i bumped into my ex, from back in the day. we chatted up, got cosy and began communicating often … and well one thing led to another, we had intercourse twice on 1 night, on both occassions i used a condom, but on the first instance the rubber broke, devastating! since then we havent met sexually for she lives quite a distance from me and have been on my own. we chat often.well my ex had a boyfriend and they apparently are sexually active. yesterday she called me and said she was having problems with her man…in line with sex, she said her husband could tell something was wrong coz she was not enjoying it, i asked why she wasn’t enjoying it and she said she was feeling pain, she described the exact pain my wife used to feel. the burning sensation that was more intense after sex but also very present during sex. days after we met she says she had itchin when peeing but ths went away…only to come the burning thing during sex . on the discharge she was not sure as she was using liners.i would like to know doctor, it appears i am ok but for some bacterial or is it fungal or infectious reason these two women have had these symptoms but i dont, major reason for me to believe that maybe i am the missing link as it were. i wouldnt know if all the information i have communicated is enough for a prognosis but sincerely am really worried, not to mention the risk we both blew in our faces when the rubber broke. if it is me, the why am i not having any symptoms and again if it is me how do i deal with something i dont see, how can i tackle this invisible ghost that can see me and i cant see it. i now feel i could even harm another innocent lady and yet i dont even know i am doing so. is there something wrong with me and what should i do. i am really stressed. please help me out. SOS