Yeast infection and Plan B?

Patient: I had a yeast infection instead of my monthly period. I was just taking placebo pills (day 4 of 7) when we had an accident with our condom. What are the chances of getting pregnant? Should I get plan B?

Doctor: By placebo pills do you mean the last 7 inactive pills that a pack of birth control has? If that is the case then becaus e of the initial 21 pills you are protected against pregnancy and there is no need for any form of additional contraception. Pregnancy is highly unlikely in this case.If by the placebo pills, you mean pills for treatment of the yeast infection, and you are not using any other form of contraception other than condoms (that broke) then certainly you will need to take a morning after or emergency pill within 72 hours of the intercourse.If taken within 72 hours of the intercourse, the emergency pill is as effective as 98% in preventing an unwanted pregnancy. Hope you find this information useful.