Yeast infection, how to treat it?

Patient: Hi, I’ve recently been experiencing itching, and a cottage cheese type of discharge which is common in yeast infections. Also, sometimes during intercourse there is a slight pain. I did some research and it might have been caused from using scented tampons. I’ve looked up the different types of over the counter medications like Clotrimazole, Monistat, Miconazole, etc. Is there an over the counter medication that is more effective than the other? Or higher recommended?

Symptoms: Itching, white discharge (cottage cheese like), vagina hurts during intercourse

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Itchy, cottage cheese like discharge could most probably be a candidiasis of the vagina w hich is a fungal infection.The pain in the vagina during intercourse id=s due to the inflammation secondary to the vaginal infection. If this is not treated soon, it could lead to recurrent attacks and a pelvic inflammatory disease in the long run.I suggest you to consult a gynecologist and get yourself examined instead of trying over the counter medicines. A vaginal swab, blood sugar check, and urine tests would be required. Investigating your partner for the same is also necessary and your partner must also be treated simultaneously.Keep the vaginal area clean, avoid nylon undergarments and tight fitting clothes, use cotton undergarments.Drink a lot of water a day and reduce your stress levels, as stress increases itching.All the over the counter medicines you mentioned are effective, clotrimazole can be used vaginally as a pessary for 6 nights. The choice of the medicine again depends on the reports and the type of infection you have. Also make sure you use a barrier method like condoms, till you are completely cured of the infection.Hope this helped.Regards